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15 Sep September

Time to properly start in the double digits with a new episode! Are you enjoying your pumpkin-spiced everything already? We're not. We're talking about movies!

What we've been watching this time features Lars an the Real Girl and Atomic Blonde.

Our movie of the bi-week is Twilight - and we know you've been listening to our audio-commentary while watching, so we'll keep it short! Kinda! Not really!

Moving to our main topic, Crossfire. Interrogation time! Why did you not like Zardoz, Josh? Why did Michael rate A Serbian Film 2/5 stars? We'll be interrogating each other about 5 movies each.

As the episode comes to an end, we play 28 words later, our superfun movie-guessing game, courtesy of Cinereelists.

Homework: For next episode, please consider watching Black Swan.

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