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30 Sep September

Some thought it would never happen. Others thought it would take forever. But it's finally here. Listen closely as Michael and Josh finally talk about Anime. And it only took 12 episodes.

First, as usual, we talk about what we've been watching. We went to the movies quite often, so we watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Logan Lucky.

Our movie of the Bi-Week, right to the release of mother! is Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky. Next movieS of the Bi-Week are going to be Scarface (1932) and Scarface (1983). Yes, we're forcing two movies on you!

Then it's finally time to talk about all things anime. Mostly though what Josh has been watching in preparation, plus some of the better ones Michael knows about.

Last but not least we play Jacobs Ladder, as we did a few times already.

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Intro by Bensound