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16 Oct October

And we're back with a new Episode and a special announcement: Filmhaus Podcast will now be Weekly. It's not completely set in stone, but for now, we're splitting up the segments into 2 Episodes.

First Michael and Josh talk about what they have been watching, and this time they picked only one movie: Blade Runner 2049.

For the rest of the episode, in the main segment of the podcast, they talk about Remakes. What makes a Remake? What makes a good Remake? What even is a Remake?

They also list off quite a few good and bad remakes.

The next episode, in which we'll talk about the Movie of the Bi-Week, will be out on the 22nd of October. If you haven't watched them already, check out Scarface from 1932 and the remake from 1983, because those are the two movies we'll be talking about at length.

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