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22 Oct October

And we're already back, with a new, shorter episode of the Filmhaus Podcast, where Michael and Josh take their time to talk about two Movies of the Bi-Week.

First they start off with what they've been watching. For Michael, that was the original The Fast and the Furious, while Josh went old school and watched The Old Dark House.

In the main segment, Michael and Josh talk about Scarface, but keeping with the theme of last week they talk about the original 1931 version and then the remake. They also start to work on their first draft of an official Filmhaus rating scale. The next Movie of the Bi-Week is gonna be Halloween and will be released in two weeks.

Lastly they have fun playing an unnamed movie game in which they have ot try and say the same actor at the same time.

The next episode will already come out on the 30th of October, because we switched to a weekly format. Leave your thoughts on this change plus any other thoughts you might have at


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Intro by Bensound